how can i learn about my Mexican heritage or history etcc?

ok so i was born in mexico but was raised in the usa since i was a baby so i dont know anything about mexico like its history traditions etc…. and i really want to learn about where i came from or off my country you know but i don’t know where to start from is there a book out there or what. that can teach me about mexico’s history . cause all i know is about USA’s history which is alright of course. i am married to a american guy an i have a fear that when we decide to have children i wont be able to teach them about their Mexican heritage they will only know the american one. for example i have a aunt who also married an american guy and has 4 children that don’t even know how to speak Spanish at all because my aunt never taught them how too she never taught them about mexico or traditional dishes from mexico, nothing. even my aunt forgot she was Mexican she doesn’t know how to cook Mexican food and is always calling my mom to tell help her out. my aunt acts like shes more american than Mexican you know and i don’t want that to be me. i want that when i ever take my children to mexico that they can be able to communicate with the family down there and that they know that there not only american but Mexican as well an that they know the history of mexico its traditions and everything. so basically what is a good website or book or something that is going to help me discover about my Mexican heritage.
i wasnt sure what category so i just posted it on this one. also if ur a racist asshole this is not for u too read to move along

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