Best CD For learning Mexican Spanish?

I am looking at learning Spanish for when i go to the USA in March 2008.
Now i am going to California and i am wanting to learn Spanish.
Now i have a few questions.

1 – Is Latin American Spanish the same as Latin Spanish and Mexican Spanish ?

2 – What is the best audio cd for me to learn american spanish (mexicans etc) i have over a year to learn so something what is going to get me extremly knowledgable.

3 – I heard the Rosetta Stone software for latin american spanish is good but i also heard that after it you wont be able to have a conversation with anyone.

hey Cra added u to msn then 🙂

Now i got told that latin american spanish and mexican spanish is the same correct ?

That its just a form of spanish.

In that case i have got told theres a couple of good audio cd’s.

Michel Thomas – Spanish
Pimsluer – Spanish

I dont mind paying the money as i realy wanto learn so yer

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