Did you know that 97% of 3rd generation Hispanic immigrants speak english and only english at home and work?

What’s with all the they don’t want to assimilate scare tactics. Its just like in the 1920’s you would visit a town and everyone would speak Italian but after time they spoke English. Hell I know a few Polish, Italian, & Chinese ppl that are in their 3-4th generation and they still don’t speak english, but you only hear about Latinos not learning English. Heck there is China-Town here in Chicago and everything is in Chinese. I find it fascinating and have no problem with it. There are also Polish comminities with huge Polish flags in their front yards and no one complains. But you go to Little Village (ranked 2nd neighborhood in Chicago in Sales Tax revenue next to the Magnificent Mile in Downtown) and everyone is up in arms. Ohh why is there Mexican flag? Why do they speak Spanish?

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