english pronunciation: /t/ /ɾ/.english 'tt' and spanish 'r'?

Well, first, I don’t speak english, so I’m sorry for all the mistakes.

I’m mexican and I want to learn to speak english. I think you know speak english is really important nowadays, you should be proud of that. It’s very difficult for us, who speak spanish to pronounce english, because It isn’t like french or like italian, for example: we read a word we don’t know the correct pronunciation if we don’t have heard before, and It’s like this always.

So….are there rules for english pronunciation???


I have a big question about the pronunciation of ‘ t ‘ and ‘ tt ‘ ???

For who know the IPA:

do you pronounce that like this: [ ɾ ]????

in spanish we pronounce ‘ r ‘ – [ ɾ ]
I heard you pronounce " t " (ex: party) and "tt" (ex: pretty) or "I got it" [aɪ ɡɑɾɪt] like spanish " r ". But maybe I don’t heard well.

I read this but I don’t know if it is correct:


is It like this? have you heard spanish ‘ r ‘? is it the same??

don’t confuse spanish ‘ r ‘ – /ɾ/ and ‘ rr ‘ – /r/.

Thank you very much!!!

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