Why do people compare the Mexican invasion to the LEGAL immigration waves of the past?

Past immigration – Immigrants came into this country LEGALLY and immediately began adapting to the new culture. They wouldnt even teach their newborn children the old language because they wanted them to completely assimilate into American culture.

Current invasion – Illegal aliens sneak over the border, don’t bother to learn the language or the culture and leave it up to the state to teach their children english.

Past immigration – Immigrants were checked very closely at Ellis island to ensure they had no diseases.

Current invasion – Illegal aliens are bringing in diseases such as TB and the bubonic plague.

Past immigration – Respected that they were now an American citizen and obeyed the law. Respected the American flag.

Current invasion – Illegal aliens bring in violent crime and gangs. Disrespect the flag by stomping on it, burning it and flying it above their mexican flag. Have an idea that the southwest US belongs to Mexico.


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