What Spanish phrases do you think I should know as a hostess of a Mexican restaurant?

I’m applying for a job as the hostess as Trejo’s Mexican Grill & Bar. I know some Spanish (Greetings, Numbers, Pronunciation, Small sentences, etc…). What do you think I should know just in case a Spanish-Speaking person came in? Plus, there are about 3 waiters there who speak fluent Spanish and English, I don’t want to distract them by asking them to translate… if you catch my drift lol. & if you have any tips on being a hostess, let me know!! haha bytheway,I’m 16 this is my 2nd job.
What I ALREADY know:
Hello, Good Bye, How are you?, 1-100, Excuse me, How many?, Do you need anything else?, Bless you (after a sneeze), Thank you, Please, You’re welcome. And a few more! lol

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