In love with a mexican girl.?

I need to tell this girl that i love her, but it’s got to be more specific than that… i want to say…

" I love you, forever and ever."

I know "i love you" has many different meanings, so, this is someone who i care deaply for and want to start a serious relationship with. We have been VERY close friends for a while now, and i’m leaving for school next week. Also, she is Mexican, so i want to tell her in spanish. She speaks fluent spanish, and i just so happened to have only taken french in highschool so i don’t know any spanish.

Can anyone help?
Also, i’m kinda worried about pronunciation…

E-mail or respond, either would be great.
I’m not really getting the answers i’m looking for, i guess i should elaborate… She told me she loved me, in english… and i want to do something special for her… Her mexican background is VERY important to her, so i figured it would be the perfect way.

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