Should you have to speak Spanish for promotion?

Ashley Furniture Ind. Arcadia WI. Population 2402 census 2000.

While Ashley has not required their supervisors to speak Spanish yet, they have recommended that they learn it. The suggestion implies that for promotion you must speak Spanish.
Why would a company in a town of predominantly Polish and Norwegian descendants need to speak Spanish.
The workers have always come from there and the surrounding towns which share the same ethnicity.
This company has been caught hiring illegals in the past. This has not deterred them; in fact they are still bringing them in and catering to them to the extent of implying that anyone who does not cater to the illegals will be putting future advancement or current positions in jeopardy.
Why would they need to speak Spanish, when many of the Mexican workers who have invaded this town, at the behest of Big Business, claim “No habla Ingles while at work, but habla fine after work in the bar.

Is it time that Americans REFUSE to cater to illegals?

Is it time that Americans remind the Government that our laws need to be enforced; that they are supposed to protect, represent, and serve us, their citizens?

If the illegals are allowed to ignore our laws, and the Government and big business also ignore our laws: is it time for us to ignore the laws which work against us and take back our country?
I don’t work there, I used to and still have many friends who still do. My source is a supervisor there with whom I used to go to church.
Currently I am going to college for my BA degree.
This is not "made up", my friend is now taking Spanish to protect his job for his childrens future.
Our Govenment and Big business is holding our childrens futures hostage to ensure our compliance with their program of forcing us to accept the end of personal rights.
Putnuck, been there done that.
It is a big complex, when they hit one part the word spreads and the other parts lose some workers for a few days, then everything goes back to normal. It honestly doesn’t even seem to slow them down.

To the poster who bought the junk furniture: They used to call it throw-away furniture in their training for new hires because it is only expected to last five years.
Now they call it replacable furniture.
Who ever would have thought that we would some day have to be politicaly correct when refering to furniture.

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