How do I learn how to make my favorite mexican meal?

I live in san Diego and there are some great Mexican taco shacks.. I want to learn how to make my favorite mexican meal just like these restaurants.. can anyone think of any way I could leanr how to make it just like them? I was thinking of trying to write someone like the food section for the San Diego papers and see if they would try to reverse engineeer it for me.

If I spoke spanish or knew someone who spoke spanish and was really familiar with this type of food I could find out that way. How can I contact some Mexican American people who know how to cook (who speak English too) to possibly help me with this?
The thing is.. Bayless is TOO authentic.. the food I like is either slightly Americanized.. or less old school or something.. maybe from a specific region? I don’t know. Even in San Diego there are only a couple restaurants that make food this way. But they seem to be following the same pattern.
Carne Asada Burrito with guacamole and salsa inside

three rolled tacos with guacomole and cheese

spicy carrots

mexican rice

It sounds simple enough but the devil is in the details. Like what ingredients are used in their tortillas? Do they marinate the carne asada? how do they prepare the meat for the rolled tacos? What do they put in their guacamole? How do they make their salsa. etc.
Maybe the burrito is the only americanized thing, Poodle? Do you know different ways carne asada is cooked? IS it usually marinated or no? What meat is usually used for carne asada in mexico? I found a recipe for salsa de arbol.. are there different ways of making that in mexico? How about guacamole and flour tortillas? How about rolled tacos?

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