Legal or illegal Mexican immigrants: shouldn’t they learn English?

I’m sick of hearing "You need to learn Spanish because there are so many Spanish speaking people here." Why should the U.S. spend billions of dollars a year for foreign language studies, particularly Spanish, if the Mexicans are coming here? Just because there’s an influx of illegal Mexicans jumping the border, we have to emphasize on Spanish?? I don’t think the Mexican government would be so kind if many Americans moved to Mexico. They probably wouldnt stress English studies just to better comfort Americans living in their own country. Shouldn’t immigrants be required to know basic English, instead of virtually requiring the American population to learn their language?
Although it is good to know Spanish, it shouldn’t be the preferred language to learn? For example, many parents in the U.S. make their kids learn spansh BECAUSE of the influx of mexicans here. it’s nonsense to accomodate foreigners(many illegal) so royally. I want to learn Italian, but no, Spanish will be better for my future because of this issue
you don’t understand; I acknowledge that is better for my future and in some cases I will be payed more, but my point is that shouldn’t be!
It shoudn’t be that Spanish in particular will help me the most in my future; it shouldn’t be that knowing particularly Spanish will earn me a higher paycheck, it shouldn’t be that Mexican immigrants are influencing America so much!

By the way, for another person, if knowing basic English was made an actual amendment, wouldn’t it be a clean slate? The politicians wouldn’t be able get the advantage from the immigrants that way.
Although not all spanish speaking people are mexicans, can you tell me that if there were no illegal mexicans in the us, spanish would still be as popular in the us? no, you cant. I just think that if the mexican immigrants were finally kept at a limit, and the borders were enforced, the mexicans in the us wouldnt be able to say "there are so many of us here, so that’s why you guys should learn our language instead of french, italian, chinese, etc. but whatever, i’ve decided to stop added on to this post because after reading the feedback, I’ve begun to realize that any argument in favor of the mexicans can be struck down with a counterexample just as valid, if not more valid than the original. It’s just not right that so many mexicans are in our country, and even more so that we are accomodating them, despite whether or not english is hard to learn. WE live here now, and have lived here for the past centuries, so either respect where you’re invading or get out please!

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