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Pop Art
Is a new artistic concept, is the essence of an extensive cultural movement of the sixties, it have a connection with the state of mind of a period that is a reply to the slogans of the Medias whose histories make history and whose models influence in the people.
The popular culture and the way of life linked closely in the sixties. This cultural demonstration is absolutely occidental; USA is the center of this program.
The pop art analyzes artistically the fact that the World has been growing by the capitalist and technological conditions of the industrial society. The beginnings of the Pop Art were in New York and in England.
The politic and economic stabilization in the postwar period lead to a “revaloracion” of something that in general is designed as popular.
The psychologists studied the society consume and created the marketing system to take a commercial advantage of the customers wishes. These getting closer to the consumers and buyers created products of consume demand and the programs of the media, this affected in the ways of the individual behavior and in the interpersonal relationship. Everyone could adore collecting knickknacks, reading comics, eating hot-dogs, drinking Coca-Cola, etc. In this is based Pop Art. The themes of Pop Art are based in everyday life, Pop Art captures the realities of a period and the cultural change, the predisposition of a new generation, and this culture transforms the style and the art.
In this period people fell free for expressing themselves in this Cultural Revolution. This lead to new modes and forms of expression tan it was almost ridiculous that the artists, critics and professors let the trivial culture surround them and cram their houses with popular and nostalgic art, with relics, bad taste objects and publicity symbols, playing with banality and enjoy reading comics, science fiction literature, cheap novels and the TV mania.
The music and the lyrics of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones translate in the sixties the state of mind, the euphoria, the nerve, the power and the realities of the youth people, that’s why artists like Peter Blake, Richard Hamilton and Andy Warhol designed disc jackets for musical groups like The Beatles and Velvet Underground of course using the Pop Art style.
The Pop Art is expressed in painting, sculpture, music, cinema, photography and literature.
The Pop Art paintings have many styles, for example some of them are based in comics, other are made by collage and painting combination, some of them are made in different levels. Most of the sculptures are based in thing that we normally see, like typing machine, cigarettes, clothing, toilets, or even tables.
My conclusion is that Pop art is an every day item that is drawn in brash and colorful way. It is inspires by comic strips, advertising, and popular entertainment. I like this kind of arte because I think that is an art that don’t follow all the rules and we can see the reality of our world.

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