mexican immigrants will not learn english?

why? its actually considered an insult to the land you come to, if you come to live there and not bother to try and communicate with the people, not bother to learn their heritage and way of life, and you dont respect their flag and wave yours in their face…im tired of not getting hired at jobs because i dont speak spanish….thats just me…and im not racist i just dont like people coming here and waving a mexican flag in my face when i just spent the last 5 years in iraq fighting for the american flag….i dont know….if i went to mexico and marched down the street waving red white and blue, id get jumped……lol, but i wouldnt do that because i respect other peoples countries and ways of life…
lol yep thats right lol
mujer alta, good point, but i really dont believe that the mexican immigrants "love to countries at the same time" …i get mean mugged by them hen im at wal mart, every business one of them is fortunate enough to own gets decorated with nothing but red white and green, and the thing about "the home language is easier to resort to when your frustrated or nervous" is true, much like ricky ricardo when he gets mad on i love lucy, but they dont just speak spanish when their angry, they speak nothing but, REFUSING to even learn ANY english, they walk into an american bank to conduct business, and start spewing spanish to the white teller, and if the teller doesnt understand them, they get angry and threaten to sue, (my gf is a banker ive seen it first hand) also, i dont think they love this country because if there was a draft for the iraq/afghan war, and illegals were allowed to be drafted, i doubt any of them would go fight for this country
burger k, thats fine, i dont care if you dont care about my service in the military, thats why i fought, so people like you can remain free and have the right to spit on the military…but anyway, since you want to nit-pick my words, then i mean the United States of America Flag…that better? …and theres two types of people in this country, those who go to college during a time of war, and those who go to war during a time of war….either side is fine, but if your a college guy please dont spit on the ones that went to war for your freedom…becuase we are fighting so you can have the freedom to attend a university. but that shows me how much YOU love america, being so quick to say that you dont give a crap about my service, …..nice one patriot.
burger k, im not asking you to respect and honor me like im a GOD, im just asking you to please not spit on me….got it? and im not suprised that your mexican because you obviously show it with that gangster sh*t talking mentality of yours. so your not an american, you dont love america, buy your quick to come here and attend one of our universities? hmm yep get what you can from america and then when your done using us to benefit yourself, talk sh*t and go back to mexico…gee why does that sound familiar? you leech. i hope this illegal immigration problem gets to the point to where we go to war with mexico, then me and my marines can wipe your sorry asses out like we did iraq. people like you who serve no purpose in this world but to use americas benefits to help yourself out, then when ur done give us the finger…lol keep digging yourself a hole…go attend a university in mexico then idiot
burger k we will regret it? really? well thats the same thing iraq said, do you actually think mexico would beat the U.S. in a war? they would beat us when the country cant even feed their own people? lol since you wanna get racist ill get racist too, what are you gonna do? shoot chimi changas and throw burritos at us? lol does mexico even have aircraft? oh and by the way, all we would have to do to defeat you is tell the mexican citizens "whoever kills a mexican servicemen gets U.S. citizenship!! lol then you would have your hands full lolololol

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