U.S. History Vocabulary?

i need some terms defined for my high school U.S. History class:
interchangeable parts
Internal improvements
factory system
plantation system
jacksonian democracy
states rights
spoils system
lewis and clark
missouri compromise
indian removal act (1830)
worcester v georgia
trail of tears
stephen austin
the alamo
webster-ashburton treaty(1842)
Oregon Treaty
election of 1844
texas annexation
wilmot proviso
mexican war
Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo
Mexican Cession
Gadsden purchase
noah webster
neo classical architecture
new nationalists
Washington rving
nathaniel hawthorne
james fenimore cooper
ralph waldo emerson
henry david thoreau
edgar allen poe
alexis de tocqueville
hudson river school
eli whitney
cotton gin
john deere
steel plow
cyrus mccormic
samuel morse
robert fulton
erie canal
cotton kingdom
sewing machine
panic of 1819
mcculloch v maryland
Monroe Doctrine
Gibbons v Ogden
election of 1824
"Corrupt Bargain"
henry clay’s american system
suffrage(new voting laws during jackson)
tariff of abominations
john c. calhoun
south carolina exposition and protest
nullification crisis
nat turner’s rebellion
election of 1832
pet banks
whig party
election of 1840
Dorothea Dix
prison reform
horace mann
temperance movement
women’s rights
elizabeth stanton
lucretia mott
seneca falls convention
sojourner truth
susan b. anthony
utopia communities
joseph smith
brigham young

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