Why do mexicans still speak the language of their european conquerors and act proud?

If mexicans are so proud to be mexican, why do they speak the lingo of the conquistadores? those who raped and pillaged and enslaved the real mexicans? why do european looking people dominate their culture as if they’re real mexicans? the fact is they are not and remants of the spaniards. Shouldn’t real mexicans take back their country from the spaniards and learn to speak their true lingo? oh yeah, do any of you so called proud ‘mexicans’ know what ONE of those lingos is??? i’m guessing few if any do cause you’re brainwashed. let’s hear it.
servocal? you’re a putz there is no bigotry in my statement ONLY FACT!!! hispanic? ANOTHER MADE UP TERM!!! where is hispania? made up term with no meaning other than to cultural marxists. moron.

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