For Mexican citizens who speak English ONLY? Regarding the booing of Miss USA. . .?

When your citizens boo Miss USA, and at Soccer matches you cheer Osama Bin Laden; then you complain about our immigration policies, why on Earth, do you think we would want you to live in our country.I have lost all respect for your nation. You may disagree with our policies but is that an excuse to support Bin Laden? No other group of people feels ENTITLED to ILLEGAL citizenship in another country. If your people dislike your own nation so much, it’s time to change your government. Do you think our freedoms were free? Do you know how much American blood was spilt to keep America and many other countries free? Your people’s behavior only proves the point that we MUST seal the borders to keep terrorists from coming into our nation from yours. When the terrorists come for you, who are you going to ask for help. You will beg America to help you just like the rest of the world does; then the first chance you get you will stab us in the back. Can you defend your people’s actions?

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