Why do the Mexican-Illegals believe they are singled out wrongly?

We are all aware that being an illegal doesn’t automaticaly make you a Mexican. There are illegals from so many other countries.
The Mexican-Illegals claim that we are racist if we are Anti-illegal.
Many of us (myself included) speak out against the Mexican illegals the most frequently.
Could it be because the Mexican illegals are the only ones who are attempting to take a part of America, could it be because they are the only ones burning our flag, or telling us they hate us?
So many Pro’s claim that those are a small fraction of them, that they don’t speak for the majority. They also claim that the majority are uneducated and are only looking for a new life.
Who will the uneducated listen to, the educated leaders who tell them we are the enemy, or us, who tell them to leave our country?
My question is, if the Mexicans don’t like being singled out, why have they done everything in their power to show that they are a special group with no concern for anyone not of their race?
smany of us go back and forth between complaining about Mexican-illegals and all Illegals.
Why do the Mexican-illegals only talk about themselves in their Q/A’s?
They don’t want this to be racial, and yet they show they only care for their race.
ladiB812, Please expand. What do you mean by "nice try"?
If you think I am a troll causing trouble, you are wrong.
I am simply asking why.
Why, if they hold the rallies, demand attention, and define themselves as hating us, do they complain about the attention focused on them?
Isn’t that what they want?
How can they say we are looking at them unfairly compared to other illegals, when they have separated themselves from other illegals?
Responder daddy: My papers are in my wallet.
Except for my favorite two which hang on my wall: My U.S. Merchant Marine Officer License, and my Honorable Discharge. I would say those two give me all the right I need to say what I want about criminal invaders.

xcilex: Waaaa yourself.
I have a mind of my own, and people like you disgust me.
Learn world History. Not white history or Hispanic History.
Look at how invasions have happened in the past and realize that we are actualy a young country which is vulnerable to this type of an invasion.
They are making the right steps and the parallels are glaringly obvious to other invasions in the world.
I don’t get my info from here, I see what both sides claim and follow their links.
My belief in what the Mexicans are doing is based on what they say and on my view of world History.
Get educated, not on my side and not on yours, learn how settlement and migrations are accoomplished. This invasion is understandable. So is my resistance

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