8 Reasons why Reggaeton is more American than Mexican despite the language difference?????

1)Many Puerto Ricans Speak English and Spanish, They choose to speak in Spanish because that is their niche. If they spoke in English they would be considered another rap group or a sellout.
2)Geographically, Puerto Rico is alot closer to the U.S. than Mexico. Thus, there is a higher probability they will be influenced by the U.S.
3)Reggaeton sounds alot closer to American rap music than Mexican music.
4)Daddy Yankee has a house in Miami, Florida. I seriously doubt he has one in Mexico.
5)Puerto Ricans can come and go to the United States without any problems. Furthermore, a U.S. citizen can travel to Puerto Rico without a passport
6)If the U.S. adds a 51st state, Puerto Rico would be on top of the list to qualify.
7)Puerto Rico is still considered a U.S. territory, just like old places in the west before they became states.
8)The national sport of Puerto Rico is baseball. In the United States, baseball is one of the major sports. In Mexico, soccer (futbol) is the main sport.

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