How do you make "authentic" Mexican food?

Of course I use the term "authentic" cautiously here. I’m speaking of the Mexican restaurants in America (you know, the ones that are always "El Something"), which I’m hopelessly addicted to.

What’s the secret to their cooking? When I make burritos at home they don’t even come close. By comparison everything I make is very… Dry? For lack of a better term. The ground beef is in large chunks and not as moist, there are no good sauces integrated into the dish, the tortilla is dry. Pretty much everything I cook ends up tasting like a taco kit without the taco kit.

I would love to be able to cook Mexican food as you get it in the restaurants. Moist meat, lots of sauce, lots of intermingling of the ingredients and flavors. How do you do it? Do I need to boil the meat? Drench everything in special sauces? I’m all ears here.

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