Why do illegal/legal Mexican immigrants not like it when people speak to them ….?

in English? I’ve noticed that this group of foreigners are very actively disturbed when you speak Spanish to them? I speak Spanish better than most AMericans and have lived long periods of time in Latin countries. Why is this? I have seen them get down right angry about it?
Anti sucks: Yeah, I kinda got that impression myself. They think they have something over on us. Ha! Littld do they know. Just another point. I complained in a social group when a couple of our well bi lingual hispanics started chatting it up in front of the rest of us in Spanish. I tolde them in Spanish, we live in the USA, please speak English for the rest of the goup. They laughed and agreed. But someone else who was a Latin LaRaza type hit the ceiling because I had asked for this consideration from my friends. Turned into quite a hoopla. Thankfully the crazy Latin isn’t around anymore. Maybe she went back to Mexico ..I can hope.
Tita: Latin friends are not the problem. It’s those who one doesn’t know. While I agree with you generally, I have found Latins (mostly Mexican) who do not know me, to be very hostile when I attempt Spanish with them, as if it is an insult. They have no problem speaking it to each other however. Seems kinda like they have this special ability they share and when a Gringo comes along and has it too, they don’t like it. Almost feels like racism to me perhaps?

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