I'm Half White/Half Mexican and I Don't Speak Spanish!?

I absolutely love both of my astounding parents – mom who is white and father who is one hundred percent mexican. I’d say from a personal standpoint, I look 75% mexican and 25% white but usually, people assume that I am full mexican at first glance. However, I dont speak spanish! While I never really feel embarassed or rebuked at times when people/friends say: "What! no habla espanol?", I really would like to become very fluent at one point time or another, at least before I graduate from UC Irvine. Im 18 now, and I’ve taken quite a few spanish classes but it just seems that the workload from other classes always tends to outdo the actual learning aspect of spanish – in other words, I usually find myself studying just for the grade itself, rather than learning the language in its completeness (again, due to the workload of other classes). I really would like to study spanish during the summer/winter, when classes aren’t so darn harsh. Are there any programs that you guys recommend?

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