Should Mexican people have to learn English Language?

Should Mexican people have to learn the English Language?
Are you all tired of this English as a SECOND language, in schools?
Should mexicans have to speak English to get a drivers license, public aid, food stamps, wick program, public aid, etc.
Many, many good points by all. A lot of thinking was going on.
Bye Busterd no more Yahoo account.
Blueberrymuffyn you are not even a citizen of the USA and speak out about your "free education and phony IDs"
and how you "took the US taxpayer"
Dont answer questions that real people put thought into. Your thought is how can I skate on others money.
Noel I am not referring to Hispanics, or cant you read English. I am referring specifically to Mexican people who only speak Spanish. You say they have no time to learn the English Language, but complain about poor wages, high crime rates, and gangs? You will never be a success outside your own neighborhood, if like most people you dont have time to go to college, and learn the US language. After all dont every one of us have little free time?

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