I am American, living in Mexico. I plan to teach English to some Mexican adults.?

I would like to find teaching materials like vocabulary and verbs and and other areas to teach online that I can print out to use as handouts…..preferably in Spanish with English translation and pronounciation. I do speak Spanish myself, however, not perfectly, but, enough to be able to communicate with my students. My class will be in a home with only a chalkboard and whatever handouts I can provide. Therefore, I need to make copies of any written material I can find online…..common vocabulary, colors, days of the week, months, courtesies, etc. I have books that I used to teach myself Spanish and plan to utilize them, but, here in Mexico, it is hard to find anything for teaching English as everything is in Spanish. I do not have money to invest in materials or teaching books or programs. Does anyone know of a good website that I can find what I need to start? Thank you for your interest and response.

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