Why can Mexican residents work in the US?

I live in El Paso TX, and everyday about 10,000 Mexican residents cross the border to work on this side. It’s driven the job market to the point where you have to speak Spanish, be Mexican and/or know somebody to get a job. I can’t even get a scholarship because they’ve all been given to Mexican residents! Is it just me, or is this illegal? And if it isn’t, should it be?
To clarify: I did not intend to sound racist, and apologize if I offended anyone. We were just stationed here, and I am shocked at the way a lot of us military spouses are discriminated against especially in a city whose economy is supported by an Army base. There’s less discrimination on bases in other countries! BTW, the source for my statistics is the Bureau of Transportation. If you’re interested in seeing how many people cross the Mexican-US border legally, check out this link.


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