Why Mexican ESL student in usa can meet more foreigners than your average american?

All the Mexicans who go to english classes can always have Foreign friends, but many americans can’t even have one UNLESS they are loud and social kind of americans who push themselves onto these foreign students they see in buses or try to pick up forieng girls. I’m not that kind of person. But i want to meet some foreigners, and yet i don’t see any avenues in which to meet them. Conversation partner programs fail for me cause i’m not a loud american with broad vocabulary. i’m just a quiet type of person. Finding foreigners in craigslists.com, sometimes work but the friendship never works cause they see i’m not a typical american and then they don’t even want to be my friends.

So it seems only ESL Mexican students, or TYPICAL OUTGOING AMEricans( that sound and act kind of like people in american tv) are the only ones that can get foreign friends. If we are a different breed of american, then we have no chances.

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