Are there other Mexican's out there that do not speak or understand spanish at all?

If so, do you feel other mexicans give you attitude or look down at your for not know spanish or being into the latino culture a lot?

I’m mexican and I don’t know spanish and neither does anyone in my family. We have been in this country for over 3 or 4 generations now so we are assimilated as you can get. We don’t celebrate mexican heritage or culture and don’t eat or like mexican food anymore than other types of food. I’m 1/2 mexican, 1/2 filipino but look 100% mexican and many other mexicans always assume I speak spanish and when they find out I dont I get some sort of dirty look or attitude it seems like more times than not. I didn’t grow up around other mexicans b/c i lived in a predominantly white upper middle class suburb. I was just wondering if there are other mexicans or latinos out there that don’t speak the language, are not into the culture, and are basically "white washed" as some have said like me. And how do you feel about it?
Also I was born and raised in the SF Bay Area and currently live in San Diego so I come into contact with a lot of mexicans straight out of Mexico litterally. And when I do occasionally venture south to Mexico I feel a similar response from people there.
I definately consider myself american b/c I don’t identify with mexican culture at all but it’s like i’m stuck in between the two. Some white people, not the majority or that many, make assumptions about me and where I’m from b/c how I look. Then on the other hand Mexican’s do the same. So to some white people I’m not that american b/c my skin color and to some mexicans I’m not mexican b/c the way i act.
Also this isn’t a problem I have all the time or even that often, but when it does occur it just bugs the hell out of me.

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