How come many white Americans feal the need to learn Spanish due to the number of mexican immigants invading?

I mean we don’t have to but it seems more and more importent for us to learn Spanish since they are coming from the south and pushing North. I’m kind of learning the language right now so. But I’m wondering why should we teach ourselves spanish. Why son’t they just learn english if they want to come here so bad. If I was going to Latin America for what ever reason I’d just learn spanish for my own and their benifit. Immigration needs to be controlled before America is destroyed.
I agree Crystal, it’s too bad political corectness keeps people from even voiceing their opinion
the reason why the number of spanish speaking people has grown is becuase over the last 2 decades they jumped the borders and all had 40 kids.
we should all listen to shelton he’s a smart guy
I blame employers also for using jobs as bate for them to run over here. Everyone wants a worker for half price. These people need to either learn english or leave.

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