Should my Latino Mexican friend Darien talk to this Chinese and Korean Asian girl and hand out with her?

Now this is definatley you don’t see a whole lot at all all the time. Well at least it’s the first time for me becasue it’s extremely RARE! Okay here’s the story. I’ve got a handsome 18 year old Latino Mexican friend named Darien Owens from Mexico City, Mexico Darien from Sailor Moon. {That’s his name too}! And he goes to college with me here in Daytona,Florida and we stay in the same dorm room together! We play our electric guitars together in our music classes and we do everything together too! Darien is a legend Rock Star, he wears 80’s Rock Star shoes and Rock boots and he paints his face in lots of colors and put glowing and spakling face liquid gel on his face and he dyes his hair bright pink and red! And he paints stars on his eyes and has super long hair down to his wast! He looks like Jem of Jem And The Holograms. Now here the thing. One day Darien And I were walking to the huge fancy Restuarant for Lunch and on the way Darien saw a very, very beautiful and pretty
Asian ALL-STAR STATE cheerleading from China named Jun Lainorah! She’s Chinese and Japanese descent! And 19 years old. Darien saw her out on the football field! And he told me that he kind of likes her and thinks she sexy! And as we were eating lunch in the restuarant with all our other friends about 9 minutes later she came in to have lunch with her other cheerleading squad members! And I asked Darien if that was the girl he was talking about! And he said yes it is! She saw Darien and though he was handome and cute! And after lunch as we were both going to our music classes he told me that he really likes her a lot! And that he want to meet her in person!

Now the question is… Jun is fullblooded pure ASIAN and Darien is 100% Latino MEXICAN and they both seem to like each other very much! So do you think my Mexican friend should talk to her and get to know her!

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