How do I talk to filipino and mexican guys?

I don’t know why but I always get filipino and mexican guys that flirt with me. (I mean like filipino and mexican born/american immigrant) It’s always so different that when I get hit on by other guys. I always get charmed and flattered by these guys. Only thing is that because I’m so used to getting rude/disrespectful comments and techniques from (blacks and well we’ll say most americans in general. I’m black but its not only black guys that are rude) that I don’t know how to respond to guys that are actually being respectful. I usually end up keeping my mouth shut and laughing a lot. I’m never quiet and if the constant laughing creeps me out, i know it has to creep the guys out. I never did like the nervous laughs. And the whole culture thing doesn’t help. I don’t know how to respond to a filipino my own age since the only time I’ve been around filipinos are the teachers at my school. I’m around mexicans/lations/hispanics all the time but that doesn’t beat the mexicans who talk to me most of whom barely speak english with heavy accents at that. Oh yeah, can’t study spanish until next year. P.S. I am in my late teens………….Help????

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