Should my Mexican friend talk to this Korean Asain girl since he like her A LOT?

I’m asking this because well… maybe not for you BUT for me it’s the very first boyfriend and girl friend event I seen for the very FIRST time in my life! I’ve got a latino mexican american friend from Mexico City, Mexico and his name’s Darien Norgaurd! {Darien} from Sailor Moon! That’s his name TOO! He’s 18 years old and he’s a very, very handsome mexican american boy with long Latin hair! And he goes to my University College with me here in Detroit, Michigan! Now here’s the thing, Darien is a legend rock star and play the Explozion Razorback guitar and dies his hair bright pink, violet purple, and light blue! And he’s wears pink face paint on his face and eyes too! He’s play in a rock band here at College with his other rock star band mates and Darien wears 80’s old school rock star clothes too! He’s a super star Eddie Van Halen player! We’ve been here for 2 weeks and we share the same dorm room too! Last week when Darien was on his way to music practice he saw this REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY BEAUTIFUL AND PRETTY Korean Asian super star cheerleader named Jun Liamorvia age 19 from South Korea out in the football field practicing with her cheerleading squad for a huge competion against another in a few weeks from now! And when he saw her Darien smiled a lot and thought she was pretty and beautiful looking! And a 2 hours later she saw her again in the cafetira during lunch. And as Darien’s being served Jun looks at him and thinks he’s fine and cute! And as Darien’s eating lunch Jun smiles at him says to herself ‘That must be Darien who Jacob Sosa told me about!" After Darien is done eating his lunch he’s heads back to his music class to practice some songs with his rock band! As he’s walking there Darien says "I wonder who that Asian girl is I like her she BEAUTIFUL!" "i WANT TO METT HER TODAY!"

Now my question is… Darien is Latino Mexican and Jun is Korean Asian and they seem to like each other! So do you think Darien should talk to Jun and get to know and even star a relationship with her? This is the first Mexican and Asian relationship I’ve seen before! So should Darien talk to Jun since he like her? A Mexican AND Asain boyfriend and girlfriend couple???

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