How do I talk to Google Earth directly about their “block -outs” where the new Mexican Mega-port to be built?

Its very sad to see that "the-powers-that-be" dont want any one to see what is going on in Punta Colonet, Mexico approx. 50 miles south of Ensenada. I was able to see the area a while ago but now that is NOT possible. Its another shame on Google to do whatever the "powers-that-be" tell them to. Big Brother is alive and well!!
I dont think you understand J. this is not about Aerial photos. Its about the Power of Government!! I’m so sorry that you dont keep up with the growing spur of economics. This is and you will see "Skull and Bones" in full swing.
May I suggest a version of Adolf Hitler’s vision. go to youtube "bush family war crimes" and listen. ………….If you care.

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