relationship with a mexican girl that does not speak english?

this mexican girl that speaks no english has worked at our family restaurant for a year until she quit recently in may. i speak some spanish but we mostly communicate through text message with translations from yahoo answers. a month after she quit i asked her to go out and we went out 3 times. i took her to the mall, bowling, aquarium. i kissed her on the third time we went out. one week later i took her to play tennis and we didnt go out for a month. we didn’t communicate very much either after we kissed. then i asked her out to go shopping and said yes. i bought her a few things because she is poor and after i dropped her off she kissed me, (she made the move) i told her that i cared about her but i dont know what to do now. she is extremely pretty and has guys hitting on her non-stop. she is 23 and good good catholic girl. she is very very nice. i dont know if she likes me or she kissed me because i bought her some clothes. what to do?

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