How Do I Write My Name In Mexican?

Its 4 A Tattoo. Ne1 No Ne Sites Were I Can Get It Translated 4 Free? I Want 2 Put It Behind My Right Ear. Gr8. No H8ers.
P.S. My Name Is Shareef, Like:
Omar Shareef (Actor)
Mazar-e-Shareef (Place In Afghanistan)
Shareef Don’t Like It (Clash Lyrics)
No, I want it in Mexican, like "Tenochtitlan" or "Nezahualcoyotl" or "Huitzilopochtli" or "Watcho mi trucha, ese." I think it looks cool, and it would prolly also sound cool (although I’ve never heard it). Entiendes, Méndez?

So some people are saying Pancho and some are saying Punta. Which is it? Should I just split the difference and go for PUTO???

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